Expressive Art

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25 January 2009

Sacrifice to Ba-al

Human sacrifice was common in Malta in the times of Cathaginian and Pheanician occupation.
This is a parody and a surrealistic painting. I have not painted before any kind of this type of work.
It is very much to my liking.


Death of Dun Mikiel Xerri

Another series of canvases measuring 100 x 80 cm and this time it depicts the death of Dun Mikiel Xerri with the firing squad by the French.
The structure of the painting wanted to make an emphasis on the actual shooting of the firing squad.


Charge of the Light Brigade

This is another acrylic of the series measuring 100 x 80 cm. It depicts the charge of the Light Brigade sent to its distruction by stupid generals but also shows the great courage of these soldiers and their horses.
The Style is purposely painted to show the battle atmosphere and its distruction.


Heaven and Hell

This is a large acrylic 100 cm x 80 cm, and it contents deals with my dreams of heaven and hell in adolesence.
Ofcourse it was all the bagage I was spooned all my life till then. The work is a parody and surrealistic approach to the subject. This work have never been exhibited but will be exhibited this year in my forthcoming exhibition in August.