Expressive Art

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21 November 2008

Man Crucified

Man Crucified is a dried clay work done some time ago.
It symbolised the suffering of man as a whole.
The effect of the way the modelling was performed hopefully show what sufferings is all about.
I suffered while doing this work too.


Salome' was a jewish pretty girl whose mission was to cut the poor head of her master.
This is an acrylic done in a movement style depicting colours comming from the tube, as we say.
It was done late last year and it is also part of the historical series to be exhibited soon next year.

Dejma Attack on the Mamaluks at Marsa

This is the depiction of the attack of the dejma ( a maltese cavalry) on the Mamalucks who first landed at Marsa at the beginning of the Great Siege.
This work in acrylics too, is made on an economical nearly classic style, though the emphasis is on the large white horse which shows violence and power at the impact of the meeting at the battle.

Lucrezia Borgia

This is no ordinary lady. She was the daughter of a Pope who used her to seduce and manage his power over the kingdoms of Italy and even Europe.
The style is nearly classic and the depiction of the protagonist is made as primitive looking as possible. The burning battle at the background shows her serroundings when she was frolicking or crying her life away, from one lover to another

Death of Dragut

This is an acrylics work done this year 2008.
It is part of a series that will be exhibited soon next year. The death of Dragut is said to be a turning point in winning the Muslim Siege.
The style is a kind of distructive slash of colour demonstrating the impact of the exploding gun.