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17 March 2009

Ghar Hassian

As part of my collection of paintings in acrylics depicting legends and events in history, I have lately produced this piece.
The style is definitely naive' and in a comic style drawing as I have been producing of late.
For those who do not know what the legend of Ghar Hessian is one needs to explain that Hessian a Turkish slave is thought to have abducted a beauty who was about to get married and took her to the cave in Birzebbugia by the sea. When her bridegroom and friends came to claim the girl, the Turk with the bride-to-be, jumped from the cave to the sea and no one ever saw them again. But was the girl willing to jump down with him or not? Maybe when she got to know the handsome dark man (Turk) she decided she could not live without him......!!!



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