Expressive Art

An artist's expression of his thoughts through his Art, poetry and musings

20 June 2007

Old Drawings -Self Portrait circa 1961

This is me in 1961. Innocent looking kid. With a good bunch of hair and inquisitive eyes. It was the first of a few self portaits I did through my career as an artist.
Well I am glad I preserved this drawing.
Medium: Pencil on paper

18 June 2007

Gnejna By Night

Gnejna by Night is a work I have done lately. It is challenging to make pastels depicting or expressing the movement of light by night. The lamp-post is a land mark there at night. It was a nearly clear winter sky but I wanted to balance the work.
Size: 24'' x 18''
Midium: pastels

Dancing Nuns

I was always fascinated by the movement of the nuns' clothes. I was also always curious about their philosophy and endurance in suppressing everyday feelings. By time, I realised that these feelings are well replaced other 'allowed' feelings both intellectually challenging and physically spirited. Dancing Nuns is the expressive clay structure dealing with dancing. Yes, nuns dance their life away sometimes. When they have a disposition for it and when they can. Dancing for Him is the utmost in praising Him. A spectacle to see with supleme inspiration.
Size: 24'' x 10'' x 10''

11 June 2007

Battle outside Grand Harbour

This oils depict the battle outside Malta's Grand Harbour around the eighteenth century. It was commissioned recently and it was fun painting it.
I love painting classical work every now and then to check my basic techniques. One has to go back to basics once in a while to start developing again to other work.
Medium: oil on canvas
private collection

08 June 2007


Medium: Pastels
Size: 20'' x 35''
Expression in its strongest. This work is a tumble fight between light and shadows. Dancing lines in colour and intrigue rhyming moods would make a good effect.

My Sanctuary

This is the place I find best in life. It is my studio/gallery/workshop where I spend most of my time. When I want to relax I skate around the place or dance the time away. Then I continue my work. What better life can you have if you can do this from dawn to dusk.

06 June 2007

Brain Cells

Can 'thinking' be painted? Can you feel 'thinking'? Can you touch 'thinking'? How do you visualise it? These are the questions one must ask when doing abstracts. Then one colour leads you to another and one form overlaps the other. One has to remember the fluidity in contrast to forms. The movement of the eye should be taken in account.
Midium: oil on wood
Size : 25'' x 35''

Maimed and dying

Not a cheerful subject but one that needs to be fantomed. This clay statue is the result of personal experience in seeing others going through this terrible event. The statue is made of dried clay and hang on a wooden support.
Death and suffering goes together. Suffering is the thing one needs to avoid. Although suffering purifies the person. Even when one has an accident and suffers pain, one is purified to an extend that in bed, he would look at things in a better light. There and then, would be the best time to make decisions for life. Those would be purified decisions.