Expressive Art

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05 December 2007


This is a rare ubstract in acrylic done in the same style of the latest work in the same media.
Fantasy and dream colours in the night plays a big part in this work.

Innocent Killings of Bethlehem

This is an acrylic painting again depicting an incident in the life of Humanity.
Herod had percieved that Baby Jesus would be among the Bethlehem children and he decided to kill those of less the two years, to make sure that He is killed.
The rampage of killings, Cries of women and those of animals enphacises the grave incident and so does the smolthering colours.


Angels and Archangles are a favourite of my subjects in all media paitings.
We have been taught that before the creation of the world, there was a battle between the most fantastic angles for the attention of the Lord.
The two opposing sections were led by Archangel Gabriel and the most beautiful of all Archangels, Lucifero.
Lucifero's faction lost and here we see him transforming into a weird sort of angel, descending in the abess.


This is a painting in acrylic depicting Alexander on his cruelest mission in establishing 'his' civilization from across the mediteranean to India.
The painting is not more thatn 18''x34''
The actions of both the Warior Lord, and the screaming horse is obvious. Dark mysterious background depicts the atmosphere that prevailed during these bloody adventures.


Horses on fire, is a clay work not more than 10'' 18'' . It has been placed on a smooth thick wood which compliment the sculptures action.
The sculpture has a mysterious rider with invisible reins which controls the fury of the horses on fire.


Bagoas taken from another angle.


Carnival is an acrylic painting of 30'' x 28'' on wood.
The painting is inspired by the esquisite movement of the dancer's dress in a joyious mood created by carnival.
This new series of acrylics will soon be exhibited collectively. The mood is harsh and the show of colours and vibration of movement is obvious.
Carnival is a joyious work with a little shade of melanchony in tone.


This is one of the latest work in clay.
Bagoas, know as the 'boy', because of his slim body and soft dark complexion, was the dancer of Alexander the Great. Some say he was more than that infact he might have even been a butler, a confideant and even a lover of the Great King.
Herewith find another two shots from different angles of the statue which is not more than 12''x30''x12''
The twists and curves of the body denotes action and style of a time when the Grandness of the High King of Babylon was on its optimum level.