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08 November 2006

This is an acrylic painting on thick canvas. It is inspired by cubism and futurism. When one is in the countryside and thinks he is alone, many forces of nature are interwining around him. If he sees through artistic eyes, and hear through tender ears, he will be fascinated by the movement, cries, and shouts of nature.


Name: Countryside Lamp

Medium: acrylic

Size: 36" x 48"

This is a wild red flower I love. It is a message of hope in March, after the cruel winter. It is all over our countryside and so beautiful.


Name: Pepprin

Medium: soft pastels

Size: 24''x 20''

Hunting is good when it is under control. Hunting is an instict in every man. It cannot be overruled. It cannot be stopped. People should cater for this instinct by enacting laws that give birds a fighting chance to live. How I suffer to see a shot bird! Imagining mother bird, giving a last goodbye to her kids after being shot!!

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Name: Shot mother bird
Medium: Clay

Dreaming of small room in field.

Tasting the smell of grass grown,

Feel my way, alone, unyield,

Drawing through my finger bone.

Title: Dream Room in a field

Midium: Pastels

Size: 20'' x 24''

Electrifying is the feeling of a windy day and the hitting of the waves on the front houses at Xlendi.

Title: Xlendi waves
Medium: pastels
Size: 20'' x 24''

This is a maxi horse shed as old as the knights of St John. It was used by them while they hunted in the North of the Island near Mellieha.

Title: Horse Shet

Size: 24'' x 20''
Midium: soft pastels

Painting: Madonna and Child
Medium: Oil

Size: 20'' x 25''

Madonna and her child has been a constant theme for painting in most male artist. Why? Because it is a little understood mystery for men. Motherhood is for sure. Dependency is a feeling we all had and still have...... Caring is a feeling we all have but on different sheres for men and women............... This painting was drawn on both the wood and the frame............ great favourite of mine.

women in ropes

Women's emancipation has always been an interest to me since I believe that all humans are equal in all senses. Comformity and women themselves are the most cruel enemy of emancipation.

On the other hand, there are many things that women need to conform to be accepted. These include make up, boyfriends, dress attire, ect. Is this a sign of inferiority?............... Then the rope is so adequate as is for some men too.

Size 18'' x 24''

02 November 2006

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, my name is Anthony Lucian Cauchi from Malta. I have been active in the artistic world from as long as I can remember. I prefer the expressionist style, though I tried my hand at various other styles too along the years due to commissions or experimentation.

Acrylic, oils and soft pastels are the most favorite mediums with which I find easy to express myself. Another medium that I love to use is clay which lends itself to free form sculptures according to my fantasy at the time.

I am pleased to share some of my work in the coming days on different postings. Any comments or feedback are always welcomed.