Expressive Art

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13 August 2007

Shot Bird's final goodbye

Shot birds are the most depressing images I detest. Shooting a bird is like killing life. One is destroying the few things that are left for the benefit of man's joy. How sad!
This is a clay work which I did some years back and exhibited afterwards. It is one of my dearest work.
Size: 15'' x 5'' x 10''


George 1963

This is the portrait of George, my brother when he was thirteen. I drew it when in 1963. The conditiion of the drawing is not that good but it is still recognisable. At that time I was keen on drawing many portraits from life and from pictures.
Size : 10'' x 15''


Cooking stove and others

Another still life of a cooking pot and other items I managed to collect for drawing and as an inspiration.
This is a play of light, colour and form. Contrast in Dark and light shades with forms forming from patches of colours.
Size: 36'' x 48''


The Forsaken Angel

This work in clay is some six years old but is still vivid and mysterious to me and to others.
Banishment from the heavens above means total despear and dissillusion. This angel was the most beautiful of them all. Now what will happen to this angel?
The clay work is 8''x6''x14''


Flower Pond

This work is a collage and acrylic piece done some years back, and inspired by a lovely pond that I have seen in Orvieto, Italy.
Collage gives depth and character to a work. It will be interesting if I manage to do another series of this work, as I found it most inspiring.
Size : 35'' x 48''