Expressive Art

An artist's expression of his thoughts through his Art, poetry and musings

01 March 2007


Reflections on streams or water lakes has always intrigued the artist. It is like the reflections of behaviour in humans or reflections of events which occure in a lifetime.
Trees are like feelers in the human body ready to penetrate all parts of the body, bringing all kinds of emotions and tensions.
The scarcity in line and permitting the colour of the pastel paper to form the background of the painting is a kind of technique which result in tension filled piece of art.
Midium: Pastels
Title: Chatwich Lakes
Size: 16 '' x 24''

Been always interested in Rio's Carnival. Here is an oil painting regarding Rio' Carnival, depicted when I was just 16.
Samba is a great dance and when it is danced in Rio amid those colours and sensual atmosphere then it is sublime.
Medium: Oil
Title: Samba in Rio
Size: 24'' x 36''